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Frank slowed the big Caddy to a crawl as he tried to make out a street number, but was having no luck staring into the pitch dark. Now what, Millie groaned, well, you've done it again, now we're never going to make it to the reception on time, I told you to get directions, but no, you had to try it on your own, now look where we are. Oh, shut up, Millie, Frank retorted, don't worry, once I get turned around and back on the main road I'll stop at a service station and get some directions.

He pulled the nose of the big car into a dark alley and was just about to put it into reverse, when both doors were flung open and both of them were jerked out of the car and thrown to the ground.

The two car jackers hopped into the Caddy and calmly drove off, leaving Frank and Millie stunned and dazed in the middle of the dark alley. Are you all right, Mil, Frank asked. Oh, god she moaned, it feels like they ripped my arm out of its socket. After helping her to her feet, Frank offered, We gotta find a phone and call the police, let's go.

Just as they were turning to head down the street, a sinister voice from the darkness said, I don't think you'll be going anywhere for a while, and seconds later, the middle aged white couple was surrounded by a group of young black toughs. Ya know what, one of them stated, you're in a lot of fucking trouble.

Bring'em along, ordered a tall muscular man of about twenty, and if they give you any trouble, cut'em. W-where are you taking us, Millie sputtered, as one of the gang grabbed her by the arm and fairly pulled her down the alley.

Not far, one of them replied, in fact, were here, as he kicked open a pedestrian garage door and threw Millie inside. The rest of the gang soon followed, accompanied by a stumbling Frank. The door was quickly closed and someone turned on the lights revealing a club house of sorts, with a few old chairs, tons of empty beer cans, along with a smattering of drug paraphernalia. Whadaya wanna do with them, Rom, one them asked the obvious leader. Well, he replied with a sick laugh, I think I wanna fuck the old lady here and show her hubby just how it's done.

F-Frank, Millie begged, y-you can't let them touch me, please stop them. Now see here, Frank began, but was brutally cut off by a hard shot to the mouth and an admonition from Rom, Now, shut your fucking mouth, I won't fucking tell you again, got it.

With blood spurting from a split lip, all Frank could do was slip to the floor and nod in agreement. How did it go honey.

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